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Tungsten carbide inserts

Tungsten carbide inserts have been widely used for improving productivity. According to different applications, carbide inserts are sorted as wood-cutting tools, clamped inserts, milling & turning, boring, grooving & threading inserts.

Tungsten carbide inserts has at least three cutting parts, and when one of the cutting edge is damaged, users can adjust to another edge for manufacturing, therefore, the carbide inserts are also called tungsten carbide indexable inserts. Tungsten carbide indexable inserts are well known for its durable superiorities, and for finding inserts of long time life, tungsten carbide indexable inserts become one of the mostly popular inserts among users.

The tungsten carbide inserts Olake Carbide supplied are improved to meet every new challenge.

If you are not quite clear about which tungsten carbide grade is suitable, please provide us the application of the carbide inserts, and our professional technicians will suggest you a suitable one.

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