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Zhuzhou will create carbide a business card for the city

Carbide is called "industrial teeth", whether it is to help travel high-speed rail, aircraft, or daily necessities of life, it has its Participation can be described as ubiquitous. On May 7, the Carbide Industry Summit Forum and the Matchmaking Symposium on Production and Demand Cooperation were held in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. This event is one of the important activities of the National Entrepreneur Day 2017 and the Annual Meeting of Chinese Entrepreneurs. The top domestic cemented carbide materials Experts and entrepreneurs to discuss the application and cooperation of production, study and research of cemented carbide materials and create a good strategy for making "strong gluten bone" in China. The theme of this forum is "Celestial Alloy Celestial World, Building China's Future Together."
  The forum was hosted by Hunan Leading Group for Strong Province Construction, Hunan Provincial Commission for Economic and Information Technology, Zhuzhou Municipal People's Government and China Tungsten and New Materials Co., Ltd. Hunan Province, ECCC member of the party, chief engineer presides over the forum meeting, Zhuzhou municipal Party committee secretary, director Mao Tengfei Municipal People's Congress speech, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Industry Deputy Director Miao Zhimin speech, party secretary of Hunan Provincial Economic Commission, Director Xie Chaoying speech.
  Zhuzhou is China's largest carbide production base integrating production, research, sales and export. Cemented carbide is one of the key pillars of the five strategic industries in Zhuzhou. It owns "five ones": more than 100 cemented carbide manufacturers ; Nearly 10,000 tons of cemented carbide annual output, accounting for 37% of the national output, accounting for 14.5% of global production; nearly 10 billion yuan annual sales of cemented carbide, profits and taxes nearly 400 million yuan; 100 million Carbide CNC blade production capacity; Carbide industry's only a national key laboratory.
  Currently, with the advent of "Made in China 2025" and "Belt and Road Initiatives", China's advanced equipment and engineering capabilities have been exported overseas, spurring the demand for advanced hard materials and tools, coupled with accelerated consolidation of the cemented carbide industry , The industry leader restructuring and expansion, Zhuzhou carbide face a rare opportunity for development. Zhuzhou goal is to 2022 the city's annual output of CNC blade reached 300 million, becoming the world's largest high-end carbide blade production base, the new provincial-level and above technological innovation platform 5; the city's advanced hard materials industry to achieve Total sales revenue of 60 billion yuan, over 10 billion yuan of enterprises 2, 2 billion yuan of enterprises 2, the scale of industrial enterprises reached 100 or more.
  Xie Chaoying introduced Hunan as one of the nation's important raw material supply and security bases, which has always attached great importance to the development of the cemented carbide industry. In recent years, through such measures as merger and reorganization of enterprises, technological transformation and the elimination of backwardness, the quality upgrading of raw material industry has been actively promoted. The raw material industry in the province has enjoyed a good momentum of growth in terms of aggregate growth, efficiency improvement, structural optimization and increased stamina. At present, there are 106 carbide production and processing enterprises in Zhuzhou, accounting for 22% of 486 in the country, and the output of cemented carbide is 9,000 tons, accounting for 1/3 of the national total. The number of CNC blades is 82 million, accounting for 68% of the national total %.
  Xie Chaoying stressed that in the next 5 years, Hunan Province will highlight the hard alloy innovation and quality brand building, with a focus on breaking hard material preparation and deep processing technology, strive to break the high-end product market, cultivate a number of leading key enterprises, focusing on improving the advanced hard Alloy blades, advanced cutting materials and other industrial chains, and strive to build Hunan into a world-class research and development of advanced hard materials manufacturing base.
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